Question: How does the structure of monday. entrepreneur’s notebook. fit entrepreneurs’ needs?

Do you know why many people love driving, doing extreme sports? One of the reasons is the necessity of staying very concentrated. The process is consuming all your attention, you should be right here, right now! The world doesn't change during these moments and it's still full of interruption, but your perception does.

Pen and paper have similar power and effect. When your business idea is only in your head there are hundreds of other thoughts which may interfere with it. But when you are writing the idea down all your attention gets automatically focused on it.

Writing down helps you to concentrate on one single thought, idea, plan. Each thought or project needs some proper space to be written on - that is why a concept 1 page = piece of content was developed.


Question: What is the story behind the name?

I've always honestly loved Mondays. It belongs to people who are passionate about what they are doing - a new week, a new start, new power for your projects. I heard a saying “Entrepreneurs love Mondays” and I couldn't put it better - sometimes it might be tough but when you are making your dreams come true Monday becomes a very good day.

Question: What kind of content will it be?

You decide on it and name your space yourself.That allows you to build your own structure, add new content to existing pages, keep it in order.First pages of the notebook contain special space for table of contents which you also create yourself. Thanks to it most important things will be easy to find.

Question: What kind of paper do you use?

Agenda Creme Satine is French, high performance, offset writing paper in warm chamois colour. It is  glazed and wood-free paper which has been developed especially for the production of notebooks and albums. This paper is very smooth and silky. It is produced
without the use of elementary chlorine (ECF) and they meet the ISO 9706 standard requirements as regards durability (long lasting paper). It's used for any application where acid free paper is required."

Technical data:

Substance – 80 / Thickness - 0, 089 / Opacity – 89, 5 %

Question: How can I get more than 10 notebooks?

Please, write me an email on and I will be happy to help.

Question: When will I get my monday. entrepreneur’s notebook?

After the crowd funding campaign has run we will start prodution process. It should take up to 2 months. Then we will pack the notebooks and send them to you. If any unexpected challenges come up during production you will be informed about it and the time when they will be fixed. Our goal is to deliver the product as soon as posiible